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  • All cats must be currently vaccinated to F3 level. Proof of vaccination is required. 

  • No entire male cats will be accepted for boarding. 

  • Flea protection for cats is compulsory. 

  • The cattery is housed in a self contained building separate to the kennels.  The cattery has been professionally designed to ensure the top level of security.  

  • Cats are housed on an individual basis.  However, units are large enough to accommodate two compatible cats  from the same family in the same unit , if requested by the owner.   

  • Our limited housing policy ensures that all aspects of our guests’ welfare are attended to, with the  same high level of housing, diet, health monitoring, and grooming,  provided for each guest. 

  •  Roomy units, measuring 2.5mLx 2mHx1mW, outfitted with shelves at different levels, and  interconnected with ramps allow for maximum exercise opportunities.  Each unit overlooks  gardens through paw proof insect screened floor to ceiling windows and glass doors.

  •  All units have a hutch for privacy, and moulded beds for lounging.

  •  Diets are tailored to meet individual’s needs. Special diets are easily accommodated.

  •  Toys and bedding are provided.