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  • All dogs must be currently vaccinated to C5 level.  Proof of vaccination is required.
  •  All dogs are hydrobathed on entry. Cost $17.00.  Dogs accommodated longer than seven days are hydrobathed on exit at no cost to the owner.

  •  Our kennels comprise two accommodation blocks of twenty units each.  These buildings are separated by a common utilities building which houses the kitchen, groom room, wash bay, laundry and storerooms.  The complex is surrounded by eight grassy exercise yards, and gardens.

  •  Our limited housing policy ensures that all aspects of our guests’ health are attended to.

  •  The same high level of housing, diet, health monitoring, grooming, and access to exercise  is provided for each guest.

  •  Dogs are housed, and exercised on an individual basis.   However, units are large enough to accommodate two compatible dogs from the same family in the same kennel,  if requested by the owner. 

  •  Each dog has its own weatherproof, and insulated sleeping quarters, equipped with a breezeway trampoline bed.  A drop door separates the sleeping area from the day exercise run.  Each day run has a gated entry to a grassy exercise yard.

  •  Diets are tailored to meet individual’s needs.  Special diets are easily accommodated.

  •  Dogs are exercised twice per day.

  •  Toys, environmental enrichment activities, and blankets are provided .